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About us

Over the past two decades, our team supported millions of end users. We dedicated ourselves to delivering a great support experience for our clients, and while there is tremendous satisfaction in successfully closing out a ticket with a happy client, we knew we wanted to do more.

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We believe IT can be more than break/fix support.

With a major shift to cloud computing and the onset of anytime, anywhere working, we challenged ourselves to redefine the support experience to enable remote and hybrid workers alike. That’s when we started Wellforce.

Wellforce is an all-in-one platform for remote and hybrid workforces with enterprise-grade security and unmatched support for every employee, every device, and every application, no matter where work happens.

Discover IT without boundaries

Whether you’ve fully embraced remote working or prefer a hybrid approach, you’ll have access to the market’s leading technologies and best practices that defend against the proliferation of cybersecurity threats while ensuring a modern, friction-free experience for employees.


Who we are

A group of laid back, pseudo-nerdy, tech-loving individuals all grounded in the same five principles:


we have a relentless passion for constantly improving the end user experience


technology is a constant evolution, and to keep up with the trends, we never stop learning


we’re always open and honest, no matter who is in the room


we own our work, but we teach and inspire each other


there is no room for disrespect or prejudice; we celebrate our differences

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